Understand, Choose, and Enroll in a Medicare Plan Designed for You.

Medicare is Government-Sponsored Health Insurance for People 65 and Over and Certain Younger People with Disabilities as well as Persons with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease). 

Medicare Changes Every Year-Our Licensed Medicare Specialists are Here to Help.

Understand your Benefits with 

  • Medicare Part A In-Patient Hospital Benefits-Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospice Care 
  • Medicare Part B Outpatient Medical Benefits Including Office Visits, Supplies, and Preventive 
  • Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage Covers Part A and B and may cover Drug Costs 
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefits for Medicare Beneficiaries 

Choose a Medicare Health Plan or Supplement 

  • Coverage for Medicare Part A Deductibles, Co-Pays, and Excess Charges 
  • Coverage for Medicare Part B Deductibles and 20% Excess Charges 
  • Coverage for Prescription Drugs-Designed for Your Needs 
  • Coverage Available from Multiple Carriers in Each Plan Type 

Enroll in the Plan You Choose for your Unique Situation 

  • Eligibility Review to Select Plan and Effective Date 
  • Enrollment Support and Guidance 
  • Compliant Process for Medicare Enrollment 
  • Enrollment Confirmation and Post Enrollment Support 

Medicare Eligible Persons Should Review their Benefits Annually to Address Costs, Coverage, Quality of Care, Prescription Drugs, Doctor, Travel, and Hospital Preference.
Our Medicare Specialists can make the Process Simple, Easy to Understand and Convenient.
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