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Trust Healthcare Solutions when you seek consulting and advice to build an employee benefit plan.

We leverage expertise, products, and technology to streamline the process for small business.  

Since 2009 we have helped businesses and organizations across the United States create employee benefit programs that attract and retain valuable employees. 

Choose from fully insured group health plans or level funded options designed for savings.

Our efforts will always help you:

  • Control Costs 
  • Maintain Flexibility
  • Tax Benefits

 Our experienced team assists with:

  • Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
  • Voluntary Benefits and Ancillary Plans
  • Enrollment and Onboarding and Renewals 

EASE Benefit Administration Software  

EASE enables employers to offer more options and more products to employees.
Employees Make More Informed Decisions.
Streamline Benefit Elections Designed for each employee’s needs and budget.
Fast On-Line Processing for Initial Enrollment and New Hires.
Employees have all benefit details and id numbers via a smartphone app.

Trust Healthcare Solutions The Premium Package to Help Your Business  

  • Power Up
  • Pull-Ahead
  • Reach for the Stars


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